Main Loan Services


We encounter many challenges in our lives at different stages. While we face these challenges through personal efforts, financial help is something that we all look for. Personal loan is an unsecured loan given by financial institutions and banks which helps us to meet our personal occurrences.

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2. Home loan

There is always a point in life when we all dream of a house and wonder to own it. In such a crowded world we all look for an opportunity to own a space. Property buying is really expensive in today’s era and one can hardly afford it. However, home loans make it easier for you to fulfill your dreams. House loan gives a person a chance to build a home for their family.

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3. Business Loan

Starting a new business can be a tedious task. Beginning from the concept till the capital investment is all what you invest your efforts in. Everything can be planned on paper till the time find out our investment source. Here, business loans help you give a kickstart to your business.

4. Car Loan

Are you wondering about buying a car but thinking about funds? Then it is not a problem anymore. Car loan is a type of fund which a borrower gets from the bank or financial institution to buy a car and payback in monthly EMI’s. Many of us dream of car as it comes as a basic necessity for a family or three members or more. Car comes in different ranges. Many people prefer to take car loans in India. Here, we at Fast Credit helps you to fulfill your dreams of taking your dream car. One must always take care before taking a car loan.

5. Loan Against Property

Let us understand exactly what is loan against property. It is a loan that is provided by banks and the financial institutions for business and personal use as a mortgage loan. One needs to provide its property value against the value of loan.